That Should Be the Name of Yr First Solo Record

from by Cash Crop



so you say you want to be my hero, never thought you were going to need a backbone; I know the future's scary but the past's regrets are bracing; while it's true you may never get what you're owed, you whine a lot for ain't never having worth shown; why do anything if nobody is watching, why be anything if no one is applauding

will this solve the polar debate (I'm a concerned citizen); will you make it back okay (maybe one of yr children); will this bring the people back in (now I'm a politician); will this venture get in the black (I'm protecting investments)

now you shift to shit, you give yr second best; as you syncopate you organize the sycophants; lying through yr teeth, you wish to unattempt; it's a poor excuse to exercise the intellect

are you sure of yr calculations, do you understand proper preparations; have you tested the ballast, are you sure that you can balance; major packing job for minor personnel doesn't seem to make any of my worries quell; just one single route you don't even know, once we're north to south how can you tell which way to go (will it be going down at snow) (or watching where the currents flow) (or wherever the wind may blow)

can't tell "the shit" from shit, string up some hollow words; a gasping ape for cred, it's more pathetic than before; congratulations void as you seem to forget; we all observed you transform trebuchets to tourniquets; we'll die here on the tundra; thanks to yr false pride and bluster; nothing left to prove as we're withering; every try we took been blown away to smithereens

wake me up when they come thaw out my bones; make me see something that makes me wish I hadn't froze

now we're in museums for the kids to see, we're on display, immodest antiquities; now we're lessons learned for the younger set, not to undertake what you aren't ready for yet; now we're photographs to remind our peers, please make certain that the evident risks are clear; now we're buried deep in some unmarked graves, only fitting after the mistakes we've made


from Roar Out the Hiss, released October 16, 2012


all rights reserved



Cash Crop Costa Mesa, California

Costa Mesa CA, power trio, noise-punk, etc.

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